Getting CyberCPR

Currently there are two versions of CyberCPR; Enterprise and Community

Currently there are two versions of CyberCPR; Enterprise and Community.
Later in the year we will be launching two further cloud hosted versions.

CyberCPR Enterprise

  • Major updates every 3 months
  • Updated host OS patches as required
  • Full customer support
  • Prioritised feature/add-on requests

CyberCPR Community

  • Free of charge for 1-3 users
  • Full Enterprise features for 3 months then some are disabled
  • Registration required
  • No ongoing costs from us to use the tool
  • Hosted by us in UK/EU or US datacenters

What's the difference?

As well as the obvious cost difference there are significant capability differences between Enterprise and Community versions too.

CyberCPR Enterprise has these additional features...

CPR Medic Reporting Tool

For less technical staff that want the up-to-date statistics about the number of cases/incidents and the severity, impact and assets involved with each.

Live Training Server

Using the same installation and user accounts, staff can work on training scenarios and cases to improve their skills. All the regular features are available but importantly the training data doesn’t impact or contaminate the real investigations. So searches in the real-world part of CPR don’t return training hits on hashes, files, IPs and hostnames.

More users

One of the obvious differences is that you can have more users on an Enterprise system.

Separate containers

Implement separate containers that are indexed separately in elastic search and have separate configurable permissions. This allows security providers (consultants and MSSPs) to support different clients confident in the knowledge that clients cannot see others or their incidents.


CPR Releases
Steve Armstrong

New GUI in Version 5.0

So the team have been really busy these last months adding loads of great features to CyberCPR.   In fact there are so many features we have called this release “Humpback” The Development Team have

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Meet Us
Steve Armstrong

Infosecurity 2018

We will be there at InfoSecurity 5th – 7th June 2018.  We have a big stand this year just inside the door – F70 (on the left and second row back – behind Splunk).  

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