CyberCPR Support

We provide support for both Enterprise and Community CyberCPR

CyberCPR Support

We offer support and training for all versions of CyberCPR Community, Pro and Enterprise


If you are using any of our CyberCPR versions, register for our support area where you will have access to documentation and if you are using Enterprise, the latest software upgrades. We can also provide training on how to maximize the usefulness of CyberCPR in your organisation.

CyberCPR Support

Designed to maximise the usefulness of CyberCPR in your organisation


Support & Development


CPR Releases

New CyberCPR Pro (SaaS) version launched

Logically Secure has announced its new CyberCPR Pro SaaS that allows staff to remotely collaborate and manage cyber incidents from any location independent of a potentially breached network.   The six-user* “bronze” standard package priced

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