New CyberCPR Pro (SaaS) version launched

Logically Secure has announced its new CyberCPR Pro SaaS that allows staff to remotely collaborate and manage cyber incidents from any location independent of a potentially breached network.


The six-user* “bronze” standard package priced at £249 per month is easily accessible and immediately available, with the option for an annual subscription at the discounted £2,499 price. Users can initially trial the platform for free for 7 days and then convert to a convenient month-by-month subscription when paying by credit card.
The CyberCPR-Pro version benefits from features such as; auto-sequencing playbooks, chain of evidence preservation, event notification messaging and much more.

To find out more or get your 7 day free trial go to:

*Customised versions for higher user counts will be available soon.

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