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CyberCPR Incident Response and Case Management

The incident management solution provides a secure platform where you can;

  • Create an incident file in just a few minutes with the incident wizard
  • Collate, manage and save all activities involved with an incident
  • Create and save own playbooks
  • Apply ‘need to know’ permissions for colleagues and allocate tasks
  • Upload all evidence, entities and observables relevant to the incident
  • Upload, run and save analysis results
  • Document all notes, messages & comms throughout the incident
  • Monitor and see progress of tasks on the easy-to-view dashboard
  • Communicate with colleagues
  • Easily collate and compile data to create email reports
  • Integrate with your existing tools and workflow via our API
  • Host on your own network, on a 3rd party cloud provider or by Logically Secure 

Some of CyberCPR's key features

My Home Dashboard

This easy-to-use ‘My Home’ dashboard aggregates all of a user’s own tasks across clients and incidents etc. Giving the user a view of just their tasks and providing them with their key information and updates in one simple overview.

Incident Wizard

The pre-set incident wizard allows you to set-up an incident in just 5 easy steps, so that you can concentrate on the actions and communicating out to colleagues in just a few minutes.


CyberCPR has template playbooks pre-set within the platform, but you can also create and save your own with an easy ‘drag-and-drop’ feature. Tasks can be allocated from here and also given a deadline.

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API Integration

CyberCPR now ships with a fully-featured API to enhance your use of the platform and embed it easily into your existing business workflows and tooling. Our integration with Zapier provides CyberCPR with the ability to now connect to over 3,000 apps.

To find out more or discuss your integration requirements, contact us!

News & Blogs

CyberCPR is a Logically Secure (now a ConvergentDS company) product. 

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