Why Incident Response and Case Management is Important

CyberCPR a UK designed & developed Incident Response platform borne out of our tactical Incident Response work

CyberCPR was conceived ‘in the cyber trenches’ by Logically Secure incident response staff as they were working to evict APT attackers from their client networks.  The team identified that securely communicating, collaborating and planning remediations is really hard when the network, servers, email and, maybe even users, are not trustworthy.   

The CyberCPR platform allows incident responders to communicate to system admins and executives alike in chat and email format.  CyberCPR’s immutable encrypted evidence storage, secure file sharing together with task coordination unburdens staff and improves information flow to those that ‘need-to-know’.  We enforce the ‘need-to-know’ principal for incidents ensuring IR doesn’t breach GDPR!

New SaaS CyberCPR Pro version launched

We are pleased to announce that after several months of work behind the scenes, we can now reveal our new Software as a Service (SaaS) CyberCPR Pro version. Now we can get you from here to your own CyberCPR instance on AWS in under 10 mins.  We sort the DNS, prorovisioning and deployment of the application.  We manage the security monitoring of the AWS systems leaving you to focus on your staff, incidents and company.

All the benefits of CyberCPR in the cloud – why not Get CyberCPR Pro Now!

If you are currently in Incident Response mode, get CPR Pro now:


Designed to streamline your case management processes

Portable and Flexible

Even mobile devices can be used to access or gather case information leveraging their GPS and built-in cameras they can upload photos and videos.

Online Evaluation Available

You can try CyberCPR today, and see how we can help you establish a virtual, worldwide incident response capability and streamline your incident management processes.

Easy to Use

CyberCPR requires no client-side install so users can be up and running in minutes. Requiring only a browser we are platform independent.

Need to Know

We designed CyberCPR to enforce the need-to-know principal to align with the new GDPR. So you know your investigation data is secure.

Admissibility and Legal Compliance

By protecting your case information you are complying with Data Protection and former Safe Harbor now Privacy Shield requirements.

Secured Case Data

CyberCPR uses industry standard encryption for your data at rest and in transit.

CPR Medic

An interface for executives to see live stats on numbers of Incidents, items of Evidence and Entities involved - allowing analysts to focus on their primary duties rather than daily number crunching.


We are working to securely integrate CPR into many enterprise tools, contact us to see if we have an API for your other platforms.

CPR Casefiles

In development to support cross-sector investigatory processes that require adherence to “rules of evidence protocols” – e.g. insurance, public sector, legal, healthcare etc.

Find out more?

We are happy to help, and can provide both trial and live online installations for you to test drive at no cost.


CPR Releases

New CyberCPR Pro (SaaS) version launched

Logically Secure has announced its new CyberCPR Pro SaaS that allows staff to remotely collaborate and manage cyber incidents from any location independent of a potentially breached network.   The six-user* “bronze” standard package priced

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