Why Incident Response and Case Management is Important

Incident Response and Case management is an important aspect of maintaining control of your network. Poor team management and insecure communications will significantly degrade your ability to respond to threats quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, protecting case and incident information from disclosure or modification is critical to prosecuting a remediation or legal resolution. Don't risk your reputation and ability to recall secured information quickly; try CyberCPR today and see how we can help you streamline your case management processes. Designed initially to support Cyber Incident Response, CPR has evolved into a wider Case and Investigation Management tool.

Portable and Flexible

Even mobile devices can be used to access or gather case information leveraging their GPS and built-in cameras they can upload photos and videos.

Online Evaluation available

You can try CyberCPR today, and see how we can help you establish a virtual, worldwide incident response capability and streamline your incident management processes.

Easy to Use

CyberCPR requires no client-side install so users can be up and running in minutes. Requiring only a browser we are platform independent.

Need to Know

We are working to securely integrate CPR into many enterprise tools, contact us to see if we have an API for your other platforms.

Admissibility and Legal Compliance

By protecting your case information you are complying with Data Protection and former Safe Harbor now Privacy Shield requirements.

Secured Case Data

CyberCPR uses industry standard encryption for your data at rest and in transit.

CPR Medic

An interface for executives to see live stats on numbers of Incidents, items of Evidence and Entities involved - allowing analysts to focus on their primary duties rather than daily number crunching.


We are working to securely integrate CPR into many enterprise tools, contact us to see if we have an API for your other platforms.

CPR Casefiles

In development to support cross-sector investigatory processes that require adherence to “rules of evidence protocols” – e.g. insurance, public sector, legal, healthcare etc.

Want to say Hey or find out more?

We are happy to help, and can provide both trial and live online installations for you to test drive at no cost.

Latest News

Here are some of the latest updates regarding CPR and Cyber Security Incident Management.

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In the press September 2016

Two articles last month features input from our staff: RAND Report questions breach cost An SC Magazine article by Max Metzger looking at the

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New version of CyberCPR Community due 10th Oct – now 18th :-(

We are just making the last few changes to the next release of the community version of CyberCPR, so we should have it released 10th **18th Octo

Incident Management, Incident Response, Digital Forensics
BySteve Armstrong Sep 16, 2016

44con 2016 Workshop – Managing Incidents with CyberCPR

Thanks for coming to the 44con Workshop we ran on 15th Sep "Managing Incidents with CyberCPR", as promised here are the 44con-workshop (PDF).  

Incident Management, Incident Response, Digital Forensics
BySteve Armstrong Sep 16, 2016

44con 2016 Presentation

Thank you to everyone that came to my talk at 44con on "Advanced Incident Remediation Techniques".  As promised here are the slides.        

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New release of Enterprise CyberCPR

We have a new version of CyberCPR available for Enterprise licensed users.  This version sees the addition of a separate reporting tool (that we

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SC Magazine Links

Here are some of the posts where we have been quoted or referenced, this post will be updated with new articles as they are published: UAE bans

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44con September 2016 – Advanced Incident Remediation Techniques Presentation

Steve Armstrong will be presenting on Advanced Incident Remediation Techniques at the forthcoming 44con event. The synopsis for this talk is: W

CPR Medium Cross
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CyberCPR Version 4.0 Released!

As of November the 16th the latest production version of CyberCPR has been packaged up and is ready to request and download. After months of r

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Infosecurity 2015 – Presentation

Thank you to everyone who attended Steve's presentation at InfoSecurity on Tuesday 2 June 2015, it was good to see you there and we hope you gai

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44con Cyber Security – presentation release

Thankyou to everyone that attended Steve's presentation at the first 44con Cyber Security conference. It was a great conference, and really wel