Training on CyberCPR

We can provide training for Enterprise CyberCPR customers

For Enterprise customers we can provide training on how to maximize your use of CyberCPR in your organisation.

We cover deployment, user and group management as well as evidence handing processes and developing workflows.

Additionally, our experienced Incident Handlers can assist organisations to mature their Incident Response processes and provide focused skill improvement sessions for their staff on a variety of areas including:

General Case/Incident Management

Dealing with mass compromise

Forensic readiness training

Forensics of Windows systems

Forensics of Linux systems

Network Forensics - both small and large scale

Training with CyberCPR

If you want to use CPR in your training course please contact us as we can assist you with a special Educational version that will allow staff to monitor students rather than having students deploying individual community versions.

References to CPR in Training materials

Please contact us before including CPR in your training materials.  This will ensure you can have access to the latest versions for screenshots etc.

CPR is already included in several training courses including the  SANS SEC504 – Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling course.

Training with our staff

Steve Armstrong

If you want to go on a training course with some of our staff, we will be publishing our public course schedule shortly.

In addition Steve Armstrong is a certified SANS Instructor, to check out his teaching schedule, go to Steve’s profile page on the website.



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