How does CyberCPR work?

Streamline your Incident Response and Case Management processes

As an Incident and Case Management platform, CyberCPR enables teams to work together on sensitive information and files regardless of where they are located in the world.

To control and support incidents, CyberCPR provides entities, evidence and tasks.  For security we place ‘need-to-know’ requirements around these so that managers can apply permissions and control access to evidence and sensitive information.

CyberCPR is a web application platform, meaning it can be hosted on your own network, on a 3rd party cloud provider or by Logically Secure.

Primarily aimed at Cyber Incidents the platform is flexible enough to also support more generic case files or investigations.

Key features of CyberCPR

  • Easy to use
  • CyberCPR takes minutes to set-up
  • With handy template playbooks you can:
    • document the incident
    • assign tasks
    • report on progress
    • communicate securely
    • Give your incident the necessary oversight

All from one platform

The best way to see how it works is to arrange for a demo by one of our staff.


The CyberCPR platform is available in 3 versions:

Pro (SaaS) – Immediately usable, with this SaaS version of CyberCPR you can simply ‘click and go’. Be up and running within minutes with the all the features of this powerful incident response tool but without the need for internal hardware. This flexible, non-minimum term, low monthly subscription version certainly won’t break the IT budget!

Enterprise – Offering a more bespoke version of the platform, CyberCPR Enterprise can be developed to suit your needs by offering add-on requests and providing prioritized features.  Speak to one of our advisors and we will be happy to take you through a demo and discuss your incident response plan to see how you can benefit and optimize your use of CyberCPR. This is deployed to your choice of location – cloud, on-prem or even on an air-gapped network.

Lite – A free edition of the CyberCPR family provides a limited version of the platform designed for charities and education. This is on a shared platform hosted on an AWS instance.

Simply Apptastic!

CyberCPR platform use is now enhanced with a fully-featured API to improve your existing business workflows. The platform’s integration with Zapier now provides CyberCPR with the ability to now connect to over 3,000 apps!

Find out more about CyberCPR and how your business can benefit by arranging a quick 10min scoping call.