Easily get CyberCPR case management & incident response platform to securely upload and save event evidence and to mobilise your incident response team effectively and quickly. 

A low monthly payment option for CyberCPR Pro means you can easily access the platform without a large budget commitment. Although the annual subscription price gives you 12 months for the price of 10! Speak to us today about your incident response platform needs simply by clicking on the ‘contact us’ button below. We’ll be happy to to discuss your requirements and offer the best solution for your needs.

Pricing and Features

(for charities & education)
PricePOA - Monthly or annual subscription availablePOA - Annual subscription onlyFree
PlatformOwn AWS InstanceOn Prem / Your Hardware Co-hosted
FeaturesAuto enrichment of IOCs Enrichment of IOCs availableEnrichment n/a
- Email notification of incident activity
- Built in set-up wizard
- Play-book set up manager
- ‘Need to know’ permissions setting
- Documentation of all notes, messages and communications
- Kanban style dashboard
- Report running
DB encryption (dependent on DB platform and other variables)
Benefits- AWS security
- Daily Back-ups (1-month retention)
- Air-gap option
- Own back-up management
- Monthly Back-ups (1-month retention)
- Quick 5-step incident file set-up
- Create and save own playbooks
- Admins can limit and revoke permissions status
- Ability to choose amount and content of data to report depending on stakeholder-type
- All communications and messaging related to incident held in one convenient place
- Upload all evidence, entities and observables in one place
- Includes secure link of files too large to upload (Ghost files)N/a
Other- Dedicated Account Manager
- UK office hours support
- Phone support
- GDPR compliant
- Email support
- GDPR compliant