Patented in the U.S.

See U.S. Patent No 9,697,352 for details

We are very pleased to announce that on the 4th July 2017 Logically Secure was awarded the patent for CyberCPR.

The patent covers the applications, released features and several that are in the development pipeline.

This, with the partnership with several U.S. resellers, proves to our customers that while based in the UK, we have long term plans and we can deliver to our customers world wide.  We believe that this Patent demonstrates our commitment to the long-term plan of investment and product development for both the SaaS (Pro) and on-prem (Enterprise) versions of CyberCPR for the benefit of our customers.



Convergent Risks acquisition of Logically Secure

Convergent is pleased to announce that it has acquired Logically Secure Limited, the Cheltenham headquartered, technical testing, incident response and cyber security consultancy business. Logically Secure’s market leading CyberCPR™ incident response and case management platform

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