CPR Enterprise version 4.4.3

The Devs have been hard at work the last 9 months and we have been firing updates out on the CPR Support portal however, I missed a trick by not posting the release updates here too.


So the current stable Enterprise release is 4.4.3, with 4.4.4 due out in about 4 weeks time.

We believe we have been in regular contact with all Enterprise CPR users about the updates, but if you have been left off the communications please ping us at cpr@logicallysecure.com and we will ensure you get the latest updates and improvements to your product.

Also, if you are interested in hearing about the improvements on the very busy next 6-months roadmap reach out and we will set up a call. There are significant changes to the whole User Interface to support the introduction of GDPR in May 2018.

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