CyberCPR Version 4.0 Released!

As of November the 16th the latest production version of CyberCPR has been packaged up and is ready to request and download.


After months of rigorous testing and Q/A we are pleased to offer this product in it’s final state to you!

This version of CyberCPR is quite different to the way the Beta functioned. It includes the following new features:

  • Live updates and notifications site wide
  • Types manager, allowing you to decide what choices your end users’ can pick when adding elements to CPR
  • Dynamic dashboards. Move, scale and change the charts displayed on your dashboard.
  • Incident wide search. We now index all data entered into CPR, allowing you to quickly lookup existing records such as hashes, IP addresses, notes etc.
  • MSSP model. We now offer an MSSP modal, allowing you to add multiple clients and assign users’ to these clients on a need to know basis. All data is stored separately per client ensuring the integrity of that clients data.
  • Updated charts, allowing you to select which charts you display on both your dashboard and inside an incident, putting the look and feel of CPR in your hands.
  • Update user profile, create a bio, share your calendar and create group calendar events from your profile page.
  • Group messaging, allowing you to discuss subjects securely as a group through CyberCPR.
  • Completely reworked Administration section. Live statistics on the underlying system. You can now change the hosts IP address and SSL certificate through the web interface. You can also backup and restore your database securely.
  • And many more, try it out to see these new features for yourself.

To download the new version of CyberCPR contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!