End of Life for downloadable Community Edition

We regret that we are ending the general availability of the downloadable edition of CyberCPR Community; this is ahead of the launch on the 29th May 2019 of the new Cloud Hosted CyberCPR Community Edition (based on the version 5 GUI)


It was always our intention to provide a Community Edition for our product CyberCPR.  We had planned to always to provide updates for both our Enterprise Product and the Community Edition on a regular basis.  However, as we matured our the Enterprise version the code bases split more than we had planned. 

Our Enterprise version has been updated regularly with v5.0 being released in October 2018, v5.1 in January 2019 and v5.2 a few weeks ago in late April.

The Community version however, has not kept pace with the main code base and following the User Interface update in 2018, we have discovered that the level of work required to bring the Community to a similar footing would be a significant strain on our development resources.

Furthermore, we identified that many of our Community customers wanted an easier roadmap to something more than the Community edition, but maybe not quite the full Enterprise edition.

The future

To address these issues, later in May 2019 we will be launching the new cloud hosted Community Edition. This will be based on the new Version 5.2 User Interface, hosted and managed by us in a location of your choice (EU, USA, APAC).

To underline this, on 1st May 2019 we stopped issuing CPR Community license codes and we are reaching out to our current users to see if they want to migrate to the new hosted Community solution. 

We believe that a hosted CyberCPR solution with its core encryption and need-to-know features provides a good option for our users.    

For new customers seeking a Community Edition and those coming to us from the various SANS courses we feature in, the changes are an improvement as the time from expressing interest to getting access will be significantly reduced. 

If you want to discuss how this affects you as a current CyberCPR Community Edition user, please contact our support staff at support@logicallysecure.com.  

“We hope you will come with us on our journey to make CyberCPR better and we thank you for your continued faith in our vision.  We hope you recognise that this change will enable us to give you new features, faster updates and better support; leaving you to focus on your Incidents and Investigations.”  

the Security Professionals and CyberCPR Developers at Logically Secure