Latest 5.4 version of CyberCPR now released!

We're excited to bring you details of the latest features in CyberCPR's 5.4 version

Just released, CyberCPR Pro and Enterprise customers can now benefit from the new features in the 5.4 version of the incident response and case management platform.

What are the new features?

Observables area improvements:
Observables can now be recorded by their type and used to better inform on threat intelligence.
And a new Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) classification helps ensure that all your team members know the extent to which the observables can be shared with others.

As some observables derive from log files or systems which output them in a list, it’s now possible to paste them altogether from that list. CyberCPR creates separate observables for each of them saving manual-entry time.
A new option to record whether an observable is an identified Indicator of Compromise (IOC), unconfirmed or deemed safe helps you to  quickly scan the list to determine those still needing assessment.

Observables Enrichment feature:
Observables can now be enriched with extra data by third party services, all through our centralised anonymous server; this extra information gained enhances your ability to determine and quickly gauge the threat posed by an observable.

You now also have the choice to pick which enrichers to run, or you can click ‘Auto Enrich’ to allow CyberCPR to work out which enrichers to run and then notify you when results are in.

Kanban layout introduced:
With the introduction of this new drag-and-drop Kanban board layout, tasking is made easier and more collaborative.
Tasks are displayed with a clearer 3-column overview of ‘Open’ (outstanding), ‘In Progress’  and ‘Completed’. – You can then simply update the tasks by dragging and dropping them into the relevant column. With this new layout more tasks are shown on a single screen than previously possible.

Session Time-out function:
It’s now possible for individuals to create their own time-out function; the amount of ‘inactivity time’ (before the system automatically logs out) can now be individually chosen. However the admin can still over-ride this as necessary.

GDPR tool development:
To reduce risk of violating GDPR compliance, system administrators now have the function to run a script to output all occurrences of a key word / sentence or name within the database and redact these references. For Pro (cloud) customers this is done by the Logically Secure team, Pro customers simply need to contact us to request this.

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CyberCPR is a Logically Secure product. 

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